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In addition to sponsorship, there are many ways in which you can help out a refugee family. These include: Minutes, Money, Materials, or Muscle . Curious? Read on for details on how you can help!


The Ecumenical Refugee and Immigration Services is in need of volunteers to aid us in the resettlement process. A donation of minutes, your own time, is always appreciated:

  • Volunteer as a Case Aide.
  • Help shop, prepare the rooms, and stock the pantry in a new arrival's first apartment.
  • Provide transportation from the airport and/or to the many appointments that new arrivals face without a car.
  • Become a mentor or “first friend” to a new family, and help them learn how to live in America .
  • Become an ESL tutor and help teach a refugee English.
  • Help out at the ESL office, answering phones, stuffing newsletters, assisting staff, etc.
  • Become an employment mentor and help particularly challenging cases find employment.
  • Offer your services as amateur photographer (or any other talents you may have) and provide family photos for a new family.

These are just a few volunteer ideas. You probably have many other ideas on ways in which you or your group can volunteer your services. Give us a call, and we'll work together to find the perfect way for you or your organization to help.



You may mail a check, or donate online using DONATE button at the top of this page. Your donations are tax-deductible.
A donation of money in ANY amount is the most versatile gift you can give:

  • A $10 contribution will help ERS mail out about 25 Newsletters so that we can help educate the community on the refugee's plight, or it will buy a humidifier to help with a refugee child's asthma.
  • A $25 contribution will buy a bus pass that allows a refugee to get to his or her job or it will pay for a month's telephone bill during a time of financial struggles.
  • A $50 contribution will buy 1 or more prescriptions for refugees without adequate medical coverage or it will buy hearing aid batteries for a year.
  • A $100 contribution will buy groceries to stock the kitchen for family's first week in America , or it will buy 2 pairs of glasses for the children.
  • A $1000 contribution will help buy a car to help a refugee family get around town, or it will pay a month's rent and utilities for a family struggling to make it until their first paycheck.

Other ways to provide financially?

  • Give one of our refugees a job, or refer our employment managers to job opportunities you know of.
  • Provide tickets and coupons for entertainment, such as movie tickets, Museum and Zoo passes, Elitch Garden 's tickets, etc.
  • Provide gift certificates for much needed items, such as haircuts, groceries, clothing, etc.


Material goods are extremely valuable to ERS and the refugees they serve. Pickup can be arranged and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Here are just a few items always needed:

  • Furniture in good shape
  • Beds and linens
  • Dishes, pans, utensils
  • Office supplies
  • Clothing (donate directly to the Neighborly Thrift Shop at 3360 South Broadway)
  • Current calendars
  • Radios, TVS, tape recorders, phones, microwaves, alarm clocks in good working order
  • Bikes
  • Cars

For donation information please contact:
Donation Coordinator
Genevieve at (303) 860-0128 Ext.112


Muscle:                                                                                                           help
Wondering how muscle can come in handy? We always need:

  • People to help move furniture into new apartments
  • People to help keep our storage unit neat and orderly

For more information, please contact Genevieve Cruz, ERIS Sponsorship Director/Volunteer Coordinator, at 303-860-0128 ext:112 or email at .


CLICK HERE to view the "Volunteer and Sponsor Guideline" manual





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